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810D top guided single seat control valve

810D top guided single seat control valve, the top guide not balanced structure, high strength, heavy load, S flow, pressure drop, flow coefficient, wide adjustable range and high precision flow characteristics. The type of regulating valve suitable for small pressure conditions, close tight, suitable for medium flow or pressure regulation.
    810D top oriented single-seat control valve, the use of the top guide unbalanced structure, high strength, heavy load, S-type flow channel, the pressure drop, flow coefficient, wide tuning range, high accuracy flow characteristics. This type of valve used within the differential pressure smaller occasions, closed tight, suitable for medium flow or pressure regulation.

    Seat with screw-type structure, with strong reliability, easy maintenance and so late replacement to solve the difficulties of the traditional institutions no seat leakage can not be replaced. Extended service life. Using streaming open design, the media tends to open the valve in the direction of the small opening controllable, small flow characteristic distortion. According to the conditions optional electric or pneumatic actuator control.

Design features
Top oriented
Unbalanced internal structure
Easy replacement structure of valve seat
Optional electric / pneumatic actuator
Technical parameter
Caliber range: DN15 ~ DN400 (1/2 "~ 16")
Pressure range: PN1.6 ~ 6.3MPa (150 ~ 300LB)
Temperature range: -196 DEG C ~ +550 C (Optional)
Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex steel
Flow characteristics: Equal percentage, Linear, Fast open
Leakage rating: ASME B16.104 V
Bonnet type: Standard type, Heat dissipation type, Low temperature type, Bellows type
Connection: Flange, Welding, Thread (1 inside)
Actuator: Pneumatic actuator,Electric actuator
Control valve selection
The selection of control valves in industrial control valve selection process is particularly important, due to the various working parameters in different, choose to meet the technological requirements and the best cost control valves need experienced technical staff. Refined Europe (GEROYAL) company based on years of control valve selection calculation experience, independently developed "control valve selection software" can effectively improve the control valve selection efficiency and accuracy. GEROYAL software control valve selection, a code generation control valve comprehensive performance parameters, such as control valves, control valve specifications, calculation of control valve selection scheme comparison for the comprehensive technical documentation requirements of working condition.
case analysis
Control valve product coverage, some special cases often appear in complex condition, we GEROYAL company technical department can provide case control valve structure, materials and accessories such as a full range of your analysis report.
Provide higher implementation standards
As one of the pressure control valve pressure piping components shall be in strict accordance with relevant industry standards in design, production and testing, in strict accordance with relevant industry standards GEROYAL control valve products and design, production and testing according to a higher standard version for customers.